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Back when I wrote the article, “Why Everyone Should Be Moving To HTTP/2,” it was meant to bring awareness to an awesome protocol upgrade that I thought was an easy win to make a website faster.

Since then, I have spoken to hundreds of business owners and SEOs about upgrading, performed dozens of upgrades and troubleshot dozens more. I have realized that there is still one big hurdle for both business owners and SEOs: HTTPS. The gotcha moment with HTTP/2 is that most browsers only support this new protocol over a secure connection, which means you have to migrate your website to HTTPS.

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that Google and many others want the web to be more secure. Google had their HTTPS everywhere campaign, they announced HTTPS as a ranking signal, and they have started indexing secure pages over unsecured pages. They even have their own guide, “Securing Your Website With HTTPS,” which I encourage everyone to read, along with this article.

Yet with all of this push towards a more secure web, the fact remains: Less than 0.1% of websites are secure.

It seems like everyone is trying to make it as easy as possible to switch by removing barriers to entry, such as cost. Let’s Encrypt offers free certificates (Sidenote: I am very amused that Google Chrome has the only nofollow on their paid sponsorship link after being called out.) Many website hosts and CDNs are also offering free security certificates to encourage people to make the switch, but many people still aren’t moving.


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